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We carried out a customer relationship and loyalty campaign through three exclusive events, which we conceptualized, managed, coordinated, and fully produced. Alongside Madame Ricaldoni, who delighted us with her anecdotes and stories.


1- Paris in Buenos Aires: A tour in various DS cars of different models through Buenos Aires, visiting iconic French-origin buildings and locations.


Gallery Maman, one of the venues, a renowned art gallery in the heart of Palermo, was the centerpiece of the reception and final cocktail.


'Croque Madame' was another venue where we enjoyed French recipes and then set out to explore the most French spots in Buenos Aires. The Recoleta Island, the French Embassy, Arroyo Street, and we concluded at the Sanmartiniano Museum.


2- Polo Day, BBQ, and Roda Polo at MURUS SANCTUS.


We shared an exclusive day in the countryside in General Rodriguez, watching the best polo and savoring typical Argentine food with the chosen ones. Roda Polo joined us to entertain the participants.

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